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Honesty Stand open 9-3 Mon-Sat Honesty Stand open 9-3 Mon-Sat

Mutiny Bay Blues, organic blueberry farm on Whidbey Island.

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    Mutiny Bay Blues

    Indulge the berry. Indulge the berry lover.

    On Whidbey Island, prime conditions and pure practices bear fruit for the fanatical.

    Liberty, Duke, Draper, and other mouthwatering varieties. Grown organically. Farmed sustainably. Sold locally. Pacific Northwest style.

    Look no further for the very best.

    Visit Us

    5486 Cameron Road
    Freeland, WA 98249

    Honesty Stand OPEN

    9-3 Monday - Saturday

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      Whidbey residents, the Fletchers, could see it in the soil — berries like their fathers and grandfathers grew, sprouting here. So Britt, Linda, and their family vowed to revive the tradition. Practicing responsible farming. Creating local jobs. Producing a blueberry that would do Dad proud.


      Hugging the shores of Mutiny Bay, these cow-grazed fields were once tilled by potato, wheat, and barley farmers. Cows linger here still, alongside peacocks, sunflowers, and sweet peas. Rows of blueberries flourish, drip-irrigated, honeybee-pollinated, and certified organic. Take it all in when you come by for some farm-fresh berries.

      Birds & Bees

      They’re the facts of life here, too. You can ask us when you drop by! Honeybees do the vital work of pollinating berry blossoms, as well as wild plants. Resident raptors ward off pesky starlings, finches, and robins who’d make a meal of our berries.

      Lore & Legacy

      Captain George Vancouver surveyed these straits in 1792. Legend has it, his armed tender HMS Chatham lost an anchor to sweeping currents.

      Lore & Legacy

      Sure enough, one was recently fished out of Puget Sound, barnacles and all. Many experts believe it's the real deal. We made a logo of it, festooned with blueberries. Ours, of course.